‘Grab a Mop,’ Obama Tells Health Care Overhaul Critics

Grab a mop? Really? I have a question for you President Obama. Do you realize that you have a Democrat controlled House and Senate? Do you realize that you do not need even one Republican vote to pass any bills? Do you also realize that it’s the Democrats within your own party who are the ones creating the “mess” you need to clean up? Grab your own mop Mr. President. I’m just going to be over here watching your Democrat party implode. By the way…you missed a spot.

President Says Opponents in Congress Lack Proposals of Their Own

President Barack Obama Thursday night called out his critics in Congress for blasting Democratic attempts to overhaul health care without proposing solutions of their own.

“What I reject is when some folks sit on the sidelines and root for failure,” he said at a fundraiser in San Francisco where he was joined by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

“I’m busy,” he told the crowd. “Nancy’s busy with her mop cleaning up somebody else’s mess. We don’t want somebody sitting back saying you’re not holding the mop the right way.

“Why don’t you grab a mop? Why don’t you help clean up?

“You’re not mopping fast enough,” the president said, imitating his critics’ comments.

“That’s a socialist mop.

“Grab a mop!” he demanded. “Let’s get to work.”

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One response to “‘Grab a Mop,’ Obama Tells Health Care Overhaul Critics

  1. Old Engineer

    Grab a mop? First you need to plug the holes that are swamping the ship of state: deficit excesses, massive unemployment, an entitlement mentality, educational systems that consume infinite funds yet yield all-too-finite returns on “investment”.
    No teabaggers will be needed to topple this administration: it is teetering already because its “head” is massive and its base is narrowing.

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