Mid-October Snow Shocks Tri-Staters

Where in the world is…wait for it…Al Gore? If anyone has seen Al Gore, tell him to please report to the Northeast, the Northwest, and everywhere else that has the lowest recorded temperatures in 70 years. Yoo Hoo…Al?


Parts North And West Of NYC Hit With Pre-Halloween Surprise; Some Spots Could See As Much As 4 Inches

The tri-state was walloped by its first nor’easter of the season, and some parts of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut saw heavy snow showers fall throughout the day.

CBS 2’s Megan Glaros was in Vernon, N.J. where the flakes were still falling on Thursday evening.

“I hate it! This shouldn’t be happening now,” said Vernon resident Angela Warren. “I like it when it comes after Thanksgiving or right around Christmas, but it’s too early for this.”
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