$2.3 million in federal stimulus money is going to pay for Tampa Bay area beauty school tuition

While the arguments for the reasons to give this stimulus money in the article are noble, it doesn’t really address why every hard-working, tax-paying American outside of the Tampa Bay area needs to pay for this. This is FEDERAL stimulus money. We have no say as to how the government is spending our money.










More than $2.3 million in federal economic stimulus grants have gone to eight Tampa Bay area cosmetology and massage schools to pay tuition for the hairdressers, masseuses and nail technicians of tomorrow.

That’s swell news for those who see the beauty trades as a way to gain a firmer footing in the job market. But is there truly demand for more beauty school graduates at bay area salons?

Not really, said Monica Ponce, owner of Muse The Salon in Tampa.

“Instead of encouraging more people to go to beauty schools,” Ponce said, “they should probably help the stylists who are unemployed.”

Read the rest of the article here:



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