$1 Trillion Reform For 5%

You read that right my friends. If you want to know who the “real” uninsured Americans are, check out these facts. Are you getting as tired of the fearmongering as I am? Remember, the healthcare bill has nothing to do with healthcare, and everything to do with control.


THE health-care-reform debate is plagued by different num bers on how many Ameri cans lack health insurance, but we actually have excellent data on the question: Ninety percent of Americans are insured, according to the Census — and even the president more or less concurs.

The Census is the source for the much-cited figure of 46 million uninsured. Yet the very same table plainly indicates that 9 million of those are not US citizens. That leaves 37 million uninsured who are Americans.

But there’s more. In the same document, the Census also plainly states that “health-insurance coverage is underreported” in its survey. When it cross-checked its survey results with the official Medicaid rolls, it found that 16.9 percent of those on Medicaid had claimed on their Census forms that they were uninsured. That 16.9 percent amounts to 9 million people.

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