Liberals Open Fire on Harry Reid

Opps, some people are not wild about Harry. With Obama running around with his mop trying to clean up the mess, it seems that it’s getting pretty messy among the libs who want a government option. You see folks; the healthcare bill has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do about power and control. These liberal groups are scared that they have control over the house, the senate, and the presidency, and they still can’t get what they want. Watch closely my friends and you’ll see the cannibals at work.

Harry, youre doing it wrong

Harry, you're doing it wrong

Liberal Advocacy Groups Say Majority Leader Will Lose His Reelection Bid if There’s No Public Option in Health Care Bill

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is feeling the heat from his liberal colleagues to include a government-run health insurance plan, or “public option,” in the Senate health care bill.

Now, as Reid and other negotiators move closer to unveiling their health care plan, liberal advocacy groups are ratcheting up the pressure, saying they will run Reid out of Washington if he does not bring a public option to the Senate floor. With a tough re-election bid ahead of Reid next year, the liberal “Netroots” could potentially make good on their threat. Coming from a purple state, that puts Reid between a rock and a hard place — and has some local progressive activists at least somewhat worried.

One television ad pressuring Reid to support the public option is already out: The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) is running a spot for at least five days in Las Vegas called “Is Harry Reid Strong Enough?

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