Pelosi calls an emergency meeting on push for ‘robust’ public option

OK, now I’m confused. We have the Baucus Caucus which is the raucus caucus. The failed Dukakis Caucus as opposed to the Secaucus Caucus in NJ which Baucus used to belong until he got Streptococcus. Now we have cozy Pelosi not looking so rosey. Somebody help me out.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scrambling to push back the notion she lacks the votes for a “robust” public option.

Pelosi (D-Calif.) called an emergency meeting of her caucus Friday morning to declare that she has not abandoned the push for including that provision in a healthcare bill.

The Speaker met late Thursday night with the Progressive Caucus, the bloc of Democrats most supportive of a robust public option, and assured them that it was still on the table, according to a member in attendance.

And according to attendees, Pelosi reiterated that pledge to the larger caucus at Friday’s morning meeting.

The Hill reported Thursday night that a survey of Democrats shows Pelosi and her leadership team are a handful of votes short of the 218 they need to guarantee passage of a healthcare bill containing the public option favored by liberals. That public option would be tied to current Medicare rates for hospitals and ‘Medicare plus 5 percent” for doctors.

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