Obamacare’s False Dawn by Rich Lowry

Rich Lawry can read the stitches on a fastball and proves it in his writing. This piece says it all.










The public option is back. Its Lazarus act is hailed as a sign of how rosy the health-care debate looks for Democrats.

August is but a sepia-tinged memory. Passage of a sweeping bill is now considered a lock by the wisest and most conventional Beltway pundits. And legislation may even include the most shining prize of all, the public option that liberals — no matter what the talking points for public consumption — consider a way station to the Valhalla of a government-controlled system.

The flush on Obamacare’s cheeks, though, is not necessarily a sign of health. The return of the public option speaks to a key — perhaps decisive — substantive weakness in the legislation. It’s no accident that the public option came roaring back in the immediate aftermath of an insurance-industry-commissioned study arguing that Obamacare would increase premiums.

The study made Democrats yelp so loudly because it hit on such a sensitive spot. The Democrats must make people believe their inherently unbelievable promise of vast new public benefits for free. Since this defies common sense, the determinedly commonsensical American people don’t buy it. A Gallup Poll finds that 49 percent of people expect their costs to get worse under Obamacare, compared with 22 percent who say they will get better. The skeptics are right.

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