U.S. Tops in Energy Resources – Yet we can’t use it?

So we have more energy reserves than any other country on the planet, yet we have to waste our time and money with this green nonsense. Why isn’t there a revolt in Washington about letting us use our own resources? if the goal is to get us off of foreign oil, then let’s get going. Look at the charts below and let your green buddies know that we don’t need compact flourescent bulbs when we already have the resources for inexpensive long-lasting energy right here in the USA.

The United States has largest energy reserves on Earth, according to a report from the Congressional Research Service.

As shown in the charts below, the U.S. has 1,321 billion barrels of oil (or barrels of oil equivalent for other sources of energy) when combining its recoverable natural gas, oil and coal reserves.

While Russia is a close second with 1,248 billion barrels, other energy producing nations are far behind. No. 3 is Saudi Arabia (543 billion barrels), followed by China (494 billion barrels), Iran (426 billion barrels) and Canada (221 billion barrels.)

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