State of the Climate -October was the 3rd coolest EVER! Is Al Gore listening?

Yoo hoo, Aaaalll. Mr. Gore? Anyone home? As you and your fraudulent cronies meet in Copenhagen in a couple of weeks to discuss how the planet is warming and will kill everything, the numbers tell a completely different story. Facts can be a stubborn thing, can’t they Al. You see, according to NOAA, part of the National Climatic Data Center of the U.S. Department of Commerce, you are not exactly being up front with the American people. And with the current “Cap & Trade” bill which passed the House, it will cost every single American their hard-earned money and will do nothing for the environment. Nice try Al.

National Overview:

  • Temperature Highlights – October
  • The average October temperature of 50.8°F was 4.0°F below the 20th Century average and ranked as the 3rd coolest based on preliminary data.
  • For the nation as a whole, it was the third coolest October on record. The month was marked by an active weather pattern that reinforced unseasonably cold air behind a series of cold fronts. Temperatures were below normal in eight of the nation’s nine climate regions, and of the nine, five were much below normal. Only the Southeast climate region had near normal temperatures for October.

Read the rest of the “inconvenient’ facts here:


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