Thank you former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush

By now you all know how I feel politically. This is a conservative blog, but I will give space and kudos to those who recognize truth and are intellectually honest. I did not approve of everything Bush 43 did, but I did approve of his character, his stand on defending this country in an unapologetic manner, and his tax policies. The post you are about to read is from HillBuzz, a blog that is run by Democrats for Hillary Clinton, but according to their site, they have a moderate, independent, bipartisan voice. Their recognition of George and Laura Bush is wonderful and it deserves space on this blog. Nice work HillBuzz.


We know absolutely no one in Bush family circles and have never met former President George W. Bush or his wife Laura.

If you have been reading us for any length of time, you know that we used to make fun of “Dubya” nearly every day…parroting the same comedic bits we heard in our Democrat circles, where Bush is still, to this day, lampooned as a chimp, a bumbling idiot, and a poor, clumsy public speaker.

Oh, how we RAILED against Bush in 2000…and how we RAILED against the surge in support Bush received post-9/11 when he went to Ground Zero and stood there with his bullhorn in the ruins on that hideous day.

We were convinced that ANYONE who was president would have done what Bush did, and would have set that right tone of leadership in the wake of that disaster.  President Gore, President Perot, President Nader, you name it.  ANYONE, we assumed, would have filled that role perfectly.

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