9/11 suspects to be tried in New York

Is it me or is it everyday that Obama and his administration comes up with one bad idea after another? I really believe that their plan is to keep the media and everyone so busy trying to analyze everything they’re doing that no one can focus on any one thing. I also believe that you, my conservative friends are too smart to fall for it. This is one more example of irresponsibility and appeasement to the liberal loony left. Question: If one pleads guilty to a crime, would one still stand trial or would there only be a hearing to sentence the individual? KSM already plead guilty. And why wouldn’t a military tribunal be capable of achieving the same if not better results without putting the citizens of New York through a dangerous procedure like bringing KSM and his terrorist cohorts to their city? Disgusting!


The disgusting terrorist, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The accused mastermind of the September 11 attacks and four other suspects will be sent to New York and prosecuted in a court near where the World Trade Center once stood, the U.S. government said Friday, as it took a step toward closing the Guantanamo Bay military prison.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the others had been facing trials in military commissions at the U.S. naval base in Cuba, but U.S. President Barack Obama has pledged to move some cases to U.S. criminal courts and close the prison by mid-January.

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