The Day I Met Sarah Palin…and the Liberal Media – From another great blog

I don’t know Jackie, but I’m reposting and linking to her blog. She will be one to watch. I don’t know what Jackie will do with her life, but she went through a pivotal moment in her life the other day that only a few will. This is why the libs are terrified of Sarah Palin. Read her story. Good for you Jackie. Her blog is called: 

Red, White & Conservative

From the Red, White & Conservative Blog

The Day I Met Sarah Palin…and the Liberal Media

Where on earth do I begin? This all started as me, a young 17 year old American going to see a woman I admire and turned into this crazy event hah I’ll start at the very beginning.

My dad and I arrived at the Barnes and Noble at 11 pmTuesday evening. There were 2 tents in front of us; we were probably number 15 or so in line. It was a chilly evening but I enjoyed some good conversation from several Palin fans. We talked about Obama, Palin and just some other stuff. We sat outside in the cold, bundled up until 5:30 am. At that time they ushered us inside where we had to sit outside the B&N entrance until 7am. We received our bracelets at 7am and were told if we’d like to be guaranteed to see Palin we should remain in line all day. So I did. 

Read the rest of her story here:


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