Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’?


I haven’t written anything on the very damning evidence which broke on Thursday regarding the emails which were released exposing global warming for the huge scam and hoax that it is. I wanted to make sure that this actually played out to be real, which evidently it has. Al Gore must be creating a little warming of his own…in his pants, that is over this bit of news. My liberal friends (yes I have many) usually avoid the topic, but now that the scam has been revealed, I wonder if they will blindly follow Al Gore and the other scientists who were in it strictly for the grant money, or will their eyes be opened to reality. The legitimate climatologists who dared to buck the climate change promoters should be commended for sticking to the facts instead of promoting the junk science which Al and the other liars have been touting, and stating that “the debate is over.” 

I wonder, yet doubt if the Nobel Committee will rescind Al Gore’s Nobel Prize, and the Academy of Motion Pictures will kindly ask for his Oscar to be returned, or if the multi millions of dollars old Al has illegally made from this false religion of globalwarmingism will be re-paid to the suckers who bought into it. If this plays out with Congressional hearings, shouldn’t this new-found reality rock these climate-change believer’s non-warming world? Should Al and his shady accomplices be charged with fraud and go to jail? Don’t hold your CO2-filled breath too long my friends. So far only Fox News has dared to report this breaking news story. Nothing from the mainstream media, and nothing, repeat nothing from the White House yet. My guess is that when the Obama thugs speak of this, they will avoid the substance of the issue and attack the hackers and leakers of this information and go along their merry way to Copenhagen to throw the USA under the bus once again and tout us as the bad guys who are polluting the world. Will this finally be the story which breaks Cap & Trade and global warming into little pieces of nothing only to float away in the non-rising seas? Maybe…maybe not.

 Read about the email scandal here:

Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’?


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