Obama vows greenhouse gas emissions cuts – Our President is OUT OF TOUCH!

OK, so last Thursday 11/19/09 the news broke that emails and other evidence showing and proving the scams that scientists at the University of East Anglia, Climatic Research Unit (CRU) in Norwich, UK have perpetrated on the scientific community. The emails show scientists and researchers hiding the true outcomes of climate patterns by inserting false data into the models to have the outcomes reflect false results. These scientists discuss how they excluded real research from peer reviews so that the information would not get out to the journals, and some emails even talk about bringing physical harm to the global warming skeptics. This is an outrage and a complete mockery of the real scientific process to discern the true nature of climatic activity.

The truth that the Earth has been in a cooling period for the last decade and that CO2 is a natural gas which has no correlation to temperature was hidden by phony data and phony results. These communications prove the scam and far-reaching hoax which could have devastating consequences should the United States Congress and the December meeting in Copenhagen impose regulations on the world which will have absolutely no effect on the climate. They will, however have devastating consequences on the U. S. and the world economies and needlessly destroy the already foundering economic conditions we are currently experiencing.

The most disgusting part of this is that the dishonest Obama Administration has made no mention of the breaking news about these emails from six days ago, and the President still plans to attend the Copenhagen Summit to announce that the U. S. will commit to unreasonable and unneeded so-called greenhouse gas emission cuts. This is both irresponsible and dishonest. While in Oslo to receive his Nobel Peace Prize (insert gag reflex here), Obama will zip on over to Denmark for the Summit to commit political suicide. This unnecessary commitment of taxing the American people will lose Mr. Obama his presidency (fine with me), but not before he destroys our economy from beyond repair as well as the lives of millions of American people. The big question is, when will the mainstream media take their eyes off of Adam Lambert long enough to finally get around to reporting this huge scandal?

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