7 stories Barack Obama doesn’t want told

I’ll get to the Polico article in a minute; I have a rant I need to get off my chest first. Is the bloom off the rose within a year of his anointing? Are people seeing the real Obama? Are the scales falling from people’s eyes? Seems so. How is it that 48% of the voters saw it but the other 52% didn’t? Was it that he wasn’t Bush, or that McCain was just dull without Palin? Was it the guilt of the white liberals who wanted to see a black president elected so badly that it didn’t matter that his policies of share the wealth and kum ba ya were not really what America was all about? The election was decided by independents who perceived McCain to be more of the same, and no match for Obama’s supposed oratory skills and calm demeanor. The truth is, Obama is actually fulfilling every campaign promise he made; Healthcare, Cap & Trade, changing America’s image in the world, etc. The problem with his following through on his promises is that it turns out that it’s not what the American people really want.

His appointment of tax cheats, Mao-loving Czars, and Chicago-style thugs into his administration has made us question his judgement of whom he surrounds himself with. Is it really that far-fetched given the associations we knew he had before he was elected? The media never questioned the relatinship with his  former racist pastor, the admitted terrorists, and fraudulent real estate dealings. They have never looked into his Columbia or Harvard records, and ACORN was so far off of the media’s radar that no one including Charlie Gibson even had a clue to his involvement. The fact is that the majority of the American people elected the most unknown person ever to become the President of the United States of America. But now we know.

We want a president who is strong, who will protect us “against all enemies both foreign and domestic.” That enemies list includes unemployment, our health, our money, and especially our national security. We don’t want a president who brings terrorists into our Federal court rooms who have already plead guilty to their murderous acts and given legal rights only afforded to United States citizens. We don’t really want Gitmo closed, only to bring enemy combatants into our states, and we don’t want a president who presumed to have all the answers to hold a job summit to get new ideas on how to create jobs. It not only makes him look weak, it confirms that he is weak.

This president is a failure and it only took less than a year for his supporters and some of the media to figure it out. Elections have consequences and the next stop is 2010 to put an end to these unprofessional and harmful policies. Then it’s on to 2012.

Read this article from Politico about the “7 stories Obama doesn’t want told” here:



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