Health bills fail to block illegals from coverage – Can you say “YOU LIE?”

When is the press going to vindicate Joe Wilson after his shout heard round the congress? His “You lie” shout turned out to be correct, but don’t hold your breath on any comments from the anointed one. Our tax dollars will go to pay for people who are not in this country legally. Period. It will also pay for abortions, and anything else these 535 people want to put in their 2,000+ page bills. Have you called your Senators and Representatives yet? I have. 

You Lie!

Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants could receive health care coverage from their employers under the bills winding their way through Congress, despite President Obama’s explicit pledge that illegal immigrants would not benefit.

The House bill mandates, and the Senate bill strongly encourages, businesses to extend health care coverage to all employees. But the bills do not have exemptions to screen out illegal immigrants, who usually obtain jobs by using false identities and are indistinguishable from legal workers.

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