Obama’s Afghanistan Speech Short on Hope & Change

I will admit that I was only able to stomach about three-fourths of Obama’s speech before switching to something that didn’t involve me yelling at my TV. It pained me to watch our best and brightest young soldiers fidgeting, dozing, and looking disgusted as their Commander-in-Chief determined their fate to fulfill his own political agenda while trying to please everyone. It was clear that these cadets were told to offer respect, and applaud when necessary; and they did. One also need not be a mind reader to determine only from the looks on their faces that they were thinking that they had no faith in this leader that they had to follow into battle.

For Obama, it was clear that his disdain for the United States Military showed through his forced words of patriotism and revenge against the people who attacked us. It was only about 30 seconds into his speech when he again reminded us of the wonderful, peaceful religion of Islam, one of the “world’s great religions” as he loves to say to appease our enemies who were also no doubt watching. He began his speech by giving a history lesson of the 9/11 attacks to the very people who study military history. For Obama there was a bit of revisionist history as well. He did say that he opposed the Iraq war, but now takes credit for the surge and the withdrawal of troops. Does he honestly believe that we will not remember his and the Democrat party’s efforts to undermine our troops and call them war criminals every step of the way? Those cadets remember, and could no doubt see through his efforts to erase the history of his party politics. Obama fought the surge tooth and nail, and when it was clear in the end that it was successful, could barely bring himself to admit it.

His tactic of sending 30,000 troops in the beginning of 2010, and his announcement that he will withdraw them in July of 2011 is another reminder of his inexperience and lack of any tactical knowledge of our history of military engagement. Why would he announce that we will be leaving on a certain date? Does he not believe that the enemy will just return in August of 2011 as soon as we leave? Does a quarterback let the opposing team know which play he is calling prior to the snap? Do the police announce the date and time of their next drug bust? He just announced the dates of our surge and withdrawal of troops. He also let the enemy know where and how we will deploy. In my opinion, he just broke his sworn oath to protect our country from enemies both foreign and domestic. Why would he disclose this information on national television, while preempting a “Charlie Brown Christmas,” by the way? And why the interesting timing of the withdrawal of troops in July of 2011? Is it because that’s when his re-election campaign goes into full gear? Make no mistake; everything this president does is through the lens of political tactics. He needs to appease the hawks and the doves, the American people and the nations of the world, and his far-left fringe base who will be vocal in their opposition, but still support him when they see him withdrawing troops just in time for the campaign.

The other thing that bothered me was his talk of the cost of the war from a financial perspective. How dare he place a monetary cost on these soldier’s lives and our freedom. What does freedom cost Mr. Obama? Does it cost more than a pork filled bill with over 9,000 earmarks in the guise of a stimulus? Does it cost more than the takeover of banks, insurance companies, automobile companies, and mortgage institutions? Does it cost more than a phony cap & trade bill or the cost to fly your fleet of jets to Oslo to pick up your Nobel Peace Prize? I cannot recall one president in the history of our nation who has increased our spending, raised the deficit to unheard of amounts, and took so much control of every aspect of our lives, only to address our national security by attaching a price tag to it. You are not worthy of this high office sir, and your leadership of this country has put us on unstable footing in the world. You have weakened both our image and our strength and will be a one-term president because of your actions. I can only hope and pray for that kind of change.



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4 responses to “Obama’s Afghanistan Speech Short on Hope & Change

  1. Lauralee

    Randy, awesome commentary. You’ve hit the nail on the head. I can’t believe this speech preempted a rerun of NCIS…..one that I was looking forward to.

  2. Thanks. The looks on the cadet’s faces was very telling. He also pre-empted “V” and Charlie Brown. The nerve!

  3. Susan

    You are on target Randy. I have close family over there, fighting….watching fellow soldiers die, get limbs blown off and the commander in chief doesn’t get it. I am in fear. Thank you for you words!

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