Healthcare Plan – Favor-38.8% Oppose-51.7% from

This interesting thing about the chart below is that it takes every known poll out there and charts it to come up with the average. EVERY poll listed below the chart (click link below) has the people who oppose the healthcare bill substantially higher. Do you think the Senators and Representatives could take their heads out of their…um…you know, and take a minute to read the polls or even, I don’t know, maybe ask their constituents? I will ask the question yet again. Didn’t we elect these people to REPRESENT us? If we do not want this bill by an overwhelming majority, then why are they forcing this bill on us?

Have you noticed that they are not talking about improving the healthcare we receive, they are spending countless hours negotiating items that they can get other Senators to agree on. Public option, abortion, etc. These things have nothing to do with the way our healthcare is delivered only administered; along with substantial bribes for Senators on the fence. This bill has nothing to do with your health and everything to do with controlling a huge sector of the economy and our lives. Continue to call your Senators and urge them to vote against the bill and to convince their Democrat colleagues to vote against it.

Do Americans Want Health Care Reform, or Not?

Polled support for the health care plan wending its way through Congress continues to crash downward in the polls.  And before you say it, it’s not just Rasmussen, which has actually been pretty much in the middle of the other polls.  Here’s where we stand as of today:

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