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Colorado parents to plead guilty in balloon hoax

So good old Richard Heene hid his son in the rafters of the garage and told everyone he was in a pretty cool looking mylar balloon as it floated across Colorado. He then lied to everyone he could. So what’s next for Mr. Heene after a possible two to six-year stint in prison? Sounds like th next Democrat Senator from the great state of Colorado. Can he count on your support?


Senator Richard Heene? Hmmm

DENVER (Reuters) – The parents of a Colorado boy thought to have floated away in a homemade helium balloon will plead guilty to criminal charges of staging the incident in a publicity-seeking hoax, their lawyer said on Thursday.

Richard and Mayumi Heene agreed to the plea deal under threat that prosecutors would seek to deport the boy’s mother, a Japanese citizen, if she were convicted of more serious charges in the case, defense attorney David Lane said.

Mayumi Heene will plead guilty on Friday to a misdemeanor charge of false reporting to authorities, while her husband will enter a guilty plea to a felony charge of attempting to influence a public servant, Lane said in a statement

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Exclusive: I Helped Richard Heene Plan a Balloon Hoax

OK, not really political, except for the part about “the idea there are alien beings that walk among us and are shape shifters, able to resemble human beings and running the upper echelon of our government.” Now that’s plausible.

For the first time, 25-year-old researcher Robert Thomas reveals to Gawker how earlier this year he and Richard Heene drew up a master plan to generate a massive media controversy using a weather balloon. To get famous, of course.

Thomas spent several months earlier this year working on developing a reality science TV show to pitch to networks – the “show,” Thomas says, that Falcon was referring to when he told CNN “We did it for the show.” Among the ideas that Heene, Thomas and two others came up with for their reality TV proposal — and one that he says most intrigued Heene — involved a weather balloon modified to look like a UFO which they would launch in an attempt to drum up media interest in both the Heene family and the series he was desperate to get on the air. Still, Thomas never imagined that Heene would involve his six-year-old son in what he is certain was a “global media hoax” to further Richard Heene’s own celebrity. Thomas’ story of his time with Heene, based on an interview with Ryan Tate, follows below. It’s a fascinating account and after he publicly offered to sell his story, we paid him for it.

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