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Another potential slap in the face for Obama and Biden – Polls show Dems might lose Obama, Biden Senate seats

Let me try to be concise with this summary. Obama wins the presidency and Blago-D, Illinois Govenor (a criminal and impeached Govenor) appoints Burris-D (now under ethics investigation) who will not seek election for the Junior Senator seat from Illinois. The race comes down to five-term Rep. Mark Steven Kirk, the expected Republican nominee, who is running for Mr. Obama’s seat. The Democratic front-runner is state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, whom an opposing Democratic campaign adviser calls a “deeply flawed” candidate. Hmmm, what does “deeply flawed” actually mean? His family bank, where Alexi served as an officer, made loans to Tony Rezko, who is now sitting in a penitentiary. If Kirk wins, that means that Obama’s former Senate seat will go to a Republican. Face slap number one.

Now, let’s talk about Joe (don’t mess with Joe) Biden’s seat in Delaware. Rep. Michael N. Castle, a Republican who has won nine statewide elections as the state’s only House member, has been leading state Attorney General Beau (don’t mess with Beau?) Biden in polls. Beau, if you haven’t figured it out yet is Joe’s son. So much for the no cronyism rule of the Dems. Beau has not decided if he’s going to run yet, but either way, the odds are that Biden’s Senate seat will also go to a Republican. Face slap number two.

Don't mess with Joe or Beau?

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Reid The Writing On The wall, Harry

NV-Sen: Harry Reid’s Dilemma


It’s become increasingly clear in recent weeks that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is in deep trouble in his re-election race next fall.

A new independent poll conducted for the Las Vegas Review Journal shows Reid trailing two unknown opponents — former state party chairwoman Sue Lowden and businessman Danny Tarkanian — and just 38 percent of Nevada voters had a favorable opinion of their senator.


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