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Would U.S. Need To Read Bin Laden His Miranda Rights?

Yes, you’re seeing this correctly. NPR actually referred to Sen Lindsey Graham as “stumping” Attorney General Eric Holder. I’m generally not a fan of Mr. Graham, but he does a good job here. What really surprises me are the comments from NPR readers that basically say they think this guy is an idiot and dangerous. Can anyone say Obama buyer’s remorse? I’ve attached the video of some of the questioning.

Lindsey Graham Destroys Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to give a federal court trial instead of a military commission hearing to five Guantanamo detainees the government has linked to the 9/11 attacks has led to criticism that the Obama Administration is transforming the war on terror from a military to law-enforcement affair.

This has led some critics to wonder if captured terrorist suspects would have to be read their Miranda rights on being captured by U.S. military or law enforcement representatives.

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US Sen. Lindsey Graham censured by SC county GOP

Well old Lindsey Grahmnasty is in a pickle this time. Where is the global warming Senator? This is why McCain lost. You can NOT be bipartisan with a Democrat. It is not possible because they will screw you every time. If you want to co-sponsor a bill with a Democrat, you better be wearing soap-on-a-rope. BOHICA. (Google it if you don’t know what that is)



CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) – Republican leaders in a South Carolina county have censured their own U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham for working with Democrats on a climate bill and other legislation.

The Republican has often worked with Democrats in Congress, but Charleston County Chairwoman Lin Bennett says his work on climate legislation is the last straw.

The party resolution passed Monday says Graham has weakened the Republican brand. Bennett expects a similar resolution to be introduced at the state GOP convention next year.

Graham spokesman Kevin Bishop says Graham is looking for a way forward on energy legislation.

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